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3 steps to improve senior cat care

Your team knows which medical services a 12-week-old kitten needs, but are protocols equally clear for a 12-year-old cat? Follow these steps to improve compliance for senior cat care.

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Postcards are out, digital is in

When a phone directory landed on my front porch last week, I tossed it in the recycle bin. Could postcards become as obsolete as the yellow pages for veterinary hospitals?

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Short-staffed? Get solutions to be more productive

You’ve had a vacant technician job for six months because you can’t find qualified candidates. The employee shortage has your team feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Try these solutions to work smarter when you’re short-staffed.

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13 Ways to Use Texting for Your Veterinary Hospital

Besides improving medication compliance, texting your veterinary clients could bring business efficiencies, from confirming appointments to alerting pet owners when their pets have recovered from surgeries.

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Stop Clients’ Bad Habits of Emergency Refills

The habit is predictable. Every day, multiple clients call your veterinary clinic within minutes of closing time to request prescription refills. To avoid the stress of urgent refills, take a preventive approach with these strategies.

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Dental promotions that lead clients to yes

Don’t reserve your best dental marketing efforts for February. Every month needs to be dental month at your veterinary hospital because it’s the No. 1 diagnosed medical condition among pets. Here are easy dental promotions.

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Individualized customer service

Wendy was interviewed for an AAHA Trends article that discusses how individuals will perceive excellent service differently and appreciate being addressed according to their preferences.

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Veterinarian Confessions: “I had no idea what my employees were telling clients”

Because veterinarians go from one patient to the next each day, few understand of the quality of service that their frontline team provides to clients. From “My receptionist apologized for our prices" to “My receptionist actually said puppies don’t need to start heartworm prevention until age 1,” learn valuable lessons from these confessions of horrified veterinarians.

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Be a superhero and offer day admissions

Unlike a physician’s office, your veterinary hospital must juggle preventive checkups, surgical and dental procedures, emergencies, walk-in clients—and fit sick patients into an already full schedule. Offering day admissions can satisfy clients while also boosting hospital revenue.

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Are You Connecting With Callers or Just Being a Phone Operator?

Whether receptionists are talking with pet owners about ailments from vomiting to cancer, every pet owner deserves to hear your compassion and eagerness to help. Receptionists are the first touch point for potential and existing clients. Here are ways your front-desk team can connect with callers and go beyond being phone operators.

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Veterinarian examining a dog

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