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What DVMs can learn from MDs

After my first colonoscopy for preventive screening, I looked back on the experience to identify how I was treated as a patient and which best practices veterinarians could adopt.

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Are you underserving your senior patients?

Just as your team has talking points for a 12-week-old puppy visit, you need educational topics for a 12-year-old dog checkup. Implement these strategies to better educate clients about senior care.

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Rally your team to educate clients about fleas and ticks

Because the topic is so commonplace, your team may have ho-hum attitudes about parasites. Reignite your team’s passion for educating pet owners about fleas and ticks and selling solutions.

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Destination practice or irksome errand?

You don't want pet owners to perceive going to the veterinarian as an inconvenient errand. Use these positive service experiences to become a destination practice.

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Ask yes or yes questions for positive results

If you’re tired of negotiating with clients over professional services and products, change your approach. Here's how your team could turn no into yes.

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3 steps to improve senior cat care

Your team knows which medical services a 12-week-old kitten needs, but are protocols equally clear for a 12-year-old cat? Follow these steps to improve compliance for senior cat care.

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Postcards are out, digital is in

When a phone directory landed on my front porch last week, I tossed it in the recycle bin. Could postcards become as obsolete as the yellow pages for veterinary hospitals?

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Short-staffed? Get solutions to be more productive

You’ve had a vacant technician job for six months because you can’t find qualified candidates. The employee shortage has your team feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Try these solutions to work smarter when you’re short-staffed.

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Stop Clients’ Bad Habits of Emergency Refills

The habit is predictable. Every day, multiple clients call your veterinary clinic within minutes of closing time to request prescription refills. To avoid the stress of urgent refills, take a preventive approach with these strategies.

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Dental promotions that lead clients to yes

Don’t reserve your best dental marketing efforts for February. Every month needs to be dental month at your veterinary hospital because it’s the No. 1 diagnosed medical condition among pets. Here are easy dental promotions.

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Veterinarian examining a dog

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