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Individualized customer service

Wendy was interviewed for an AAHA Trends article that discusses how individuals will perceive excellent service differently and appreciate being addressed according to their preferences.

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Veterinarian Confessions: “I had no idea what my employees were telling clients”

Because veterinarians go from one patient to the next each day, few understand of the quality of service that their frontline team provides to clients. From “My receptionist apologized for our prices" to “My receptionist actually said puppies don’t need to start heartworm prevention until age 1,” learn valuable lessons from these confessions of horrified veterinarians.

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Enhance the surgical experience for pet owners

Your veterinary team needs to look at the surgical experience through clients’ eyes and see how you could create encounters that establish trust and confidence in your professional services. Here are easy-to-implement ideas.

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Get more clients to say "YES" to 12 months of preventatives

Did you know only 55% of dogs are getting monthly heartworm preventatives, with 5.4 doses dispensed per dog each year? Learn easy-to-implement strategies to get more pets protected from deadly heartworms.

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5 strategies to get cats to return for care

Indoor cat owners may assume their feline friends are perfectly protected inside, without risk of exposure to diseases and dangers. The average lifespan of indoor cats is 14 years, which is reduced to 4 years when cats are allowed outside, exposing them to hazards of outdoor life. While indoor living is best, cats need to leave occasionally to visit your veterinary hospital. Here are easy-to-implement strategies to increase cat visits.

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Every patient visit merits a follow-up call

Every client who brings his pet to your veterinary hospital needs a follow-up call, whether for medical or client-service reasons. Get scripts for four types of callbacks that your veterinary team should start today.

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How to efficiently manage scheduling calls

Whether you get a tsunami of calls or have a chatty client on the phone, you must lead the pace of calls. Otherwise, you’ll spend 12 minutes scheduling an exam that should take 3 to 5 minutes. Find out how to manage your call time when scheduling appointments.

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Forward book every patient’s next preventive care exam

According to the 2015 American Animal Hospital Association State of the Industry report, 6 out of 10 pet owners would forward book their pets’ preventive care exams. Here’s how to proactively schedule your patients.

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How should you respond to crazy clients?

Clients will seek pet-care advice from friends, family, groomers, retailers, Dr. Google and anyone with perceived expertise. Don’t let quirky questions catch you off guard. Be prepared with savvy answers that position your veterinary team as medical experts and the No. 1 trusted source. A crazy client says, “I can get my vaccines cheaper at a shot clinic or the feed store.” Learn how you should respond.

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6 scheduling secrets for receptionists

You suffered through a crazy Monday morning of sick-patient exams, followed by an empty Thursday afternoon. Why is the schedule so erratic? Reclaim reclaim control of the appointment book with these six scheduling secrets that your receptionists need to know.

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Veterinarian examining a dog

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